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Nikolas Mladenovic

My name is Nikolas Mladenovic "aka Nik", I go to South Plantation High School. I am currently in the 12th grade in Mr. Martins engineering class. My favorite thing to do on my off time is playing sports, mainly Basketball, and running for cross country. I am very efficient  at problem solving and school work. For my future job, I want to pursue a career in computers. I look forward for this year, because its the year where i set a course for my future.

Peter Mason

I'm a senior at South Plantation High School, currently in my fourth year in Mr. Martin's engineering class. I have a passion for engineering, reptiles, and sports. I am good with computers, my hands, and with problem solving. I have a leadership personality. I have a good work ethic, which I think makes me a valuable teammate. I do look forward to how this year will turn out to be. Especially since i plan on graduating early.

Roberto Vargas

Roberto is a senior at South Plantation High School, serving his forth year in Mr. Martin's engineering class. He has a deep passion for computers, engineering, and robotics, and an interest in the schools of thought behind these subjects. My favorite movie is Nacho Libre and I enjoy eating chicken florentine and farfalle. A valuable member of the team and a skilled user with SolidWorks, he looks forward to working with VEX robotics.

Amani McFarlane

I am a senior at South Plantation High School. I am currently taking the forth year of south plantation high school engineering. My dream is to grow up and become a successful engineer.

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